Monday, May 30, 2011

Why we have coconut trees, by Lomekina.

WHY WE HAVE COCONUT TREES….Once upon a time,  there was a chief who had a daughter named alisa. Alisa had longed to meet a friend.
One day, she was washing herself in a lake near by when a eel came by. Alisa and the eel talked for a long time, when it was time for her to go home, she wanted her father to meet the eel. So Alisa brought her father to the lake where the eel was waiting. After her father talked with the eel, he found the eel very disturbing so he ordered his daughter to stay away from the eel.
After she stopped talking to the eel, she found out she was pregnant. So the chief ordered his men to kill the eel.
The men killed the eel and chopped of his head and gave it to Alisa. So Alisa then buried his head next to her garden. So everyday she would water it until it grew to a coconut tree. Thats why a coconut have 3 hole. the 2 holes are the eels eyes and the 1 hole is the mouth.
So thats how coconut trees were created.

How hail was made, by Muni-Tai

Once upon a time there was a man named harry , he was a man of pride and  happiness he wanted to make a change in the world because of the different things wrong with it like pollution and wars going on.when he was looking over the world he spotted a happy couple happy and out of trouble , he wanted everyone to be humble and happy like them , then one day there was a big riot going on in Australia , he wanted to make a stop so he appeared in the sky and told everyone to stop , but that didn’t work . Harry really wanted a big change in the world , so he would cry because all his plans didn’t work and it made hail , they begged him to stop crying because it made hail and he kept crying and crying and crying so it made them angry , they begged him to stop the hail coming down on them and he begged them to stop fighting and clean up the pollution in the world . They stopped it and Harry was happy and he never had to cry again and they stopped fighting and they got to know each other better when they were helping each other to clean the pollution.

Why stars appear at night, by Siksha.

Long ago, when the skies were clear and the night sky was just a blanket of blue. In a small valley were the flowers blossomed, a baby girl cried for the warmth of her mother’s love. Sadly the little girl’s mother was no more and the little girl remained alone. As for the girl’s father, the man knew nothing about the girl nor how to care for her. So he left her in the cold, dark night with a little Nightingale.
Growing up Star, which became her name, lived in the wild among the other birds and her friend the Nightingale. Star always wondered where her true family lived but never showed this desperation of being with her family to her little friends; she always kept it to herself. One evening Star went to the beautiful valley and was filled with happiness just by looking at the ripples in the water. Soon she decided to take a swim “SPLASH”.
“Oh! My leg” Star screamed. A sharp rock had gone halfway through Star leg. The poor, injured girl sat there sobbing until it became night and a mellifluous sound began to brighten Star’s heart. It was her Nightingale singing “ la,la,la…la,la,la…di,di…da,da…da,da,da…da…da,da,da” it sang. Its voice was beautiful and enchanting. “Oh! Nightingale my friend, your voice is you talent, I wish I could be as one” Star said.
The Nightingale stopped singing at once. “Your beauty is your talented and I will show it to the world. I have seen your tears of longing to be with your dear mother, I will make it come true.” “With the guidance of the sky spirits I grant you the highest of highest throne and the shine of the moon… Maybe the spirits grant you to be known as your name and everyone to admire your beauty.” The Nightingale said.
At that very moment a spectacular thing happened. Star began to float higher and higher, she even began to shrink. There was a sparkle of white shine around Star then she changed into a butterfly of shine and went higher to join her mother’s spirit in the sky. To this day forth the sky is never clear; it is filled with pure spirits of who were separated. Somewhere in the sky Star and her mother float side by side watching the Nightingales sing. That Is Why Stars Appear At Night!
Siksha Nair.

How the trees lost their leaves, by Raymond.

A long time ago during the dreamtime, the land was quickly turning from a dull, grey flat land to a flourishing land and crowds of lively creatures. In the dreamtime trees weren’t like the trees we see today. Trees never lost tier leaves; they flourished with beautiful flowers and ripe fruit. This is the story of how trees lose their leaves.

In the dreamtime there were very few trees but these trees were huge. As the dreamtime grew, so did the animals. The animals grew in numbers and with very few trees the animals ate the ripe fruit from the trees. The trees could support the animals for some time.

The dreamtime grew, it constantly expanded and with very few trees bearing fruit, the trees worked hard to create food for the animals. Soon enough the trees were so tried they stop making food entirely. So the trees go to sleep their leaves fell off and the winter begins.

Animals were desperate for food, fights began over food, and fights began over food. Animals began to split some going south, some north, some stayed.
The ones that went north, travelled a long way but with success. The north still had ripe fruit. This is why some animals travel from one place to another.

The ones that went south travelled a short distance but with success as well. The south ate from the sea where the supply in never short of food.

The ones that stayed nested on the trees or slept in caves burrow down into the ground and slept for a very long time. They awaken by the smell of fruit and now the cycle goes again. Now the trees we see today lose their leaves. Some don’t because they don’t bare food.

How colours came to our world, by Daniel.

Once upon a time the world was filled with beautiful colours and creatures.  It was peaceful, calm and every being alive was proud with the world and its beauty except one.  An evil wizard named Doctor. Pale, he hated beauty and every colour.  So he devised a cunning plan to cease the world’s peace and beauty.  He set a spell upon the world and all beauty was lost.  But a prophet made a final prophecy which would return the world’s beauty.  A colour hero will arise to save the world’s beauty but will fade away because of the one he loves.
Many years later in a land called Greenland lived a man named Roy G. Biv.  Roy was determined to fulfil the prophecy and the world’s beauty so he set off in the uninhabited area of Greenland.  On his journey he met another weary traveller seeking for the long lost beauty of the world.  Her name was Colourina Hue and she was set also to fulfil the prophecy.
After a long day of walking in the sun the weather pattern started to change and rain started to fall on their heads.  So they found a cave to sleep for the night, and there they fell in love.  Awoken by a big bang and crumpling sounds Roy and Colourina went to see the cause of the loud noise.  Suddenly Roy saw a glowing staff on the ground lying there; not knowing it was glowing due to the lack of colour.  But curiously he picked it up and the hidden animals started appearing around them.  He then knew he was the prophesied colour hero.  Knowing now his destiny he hit the River of Forgotten Beauty and a strong gale swept him to his feet and on the ground.  Colourina woke him up and told him what happened, he smiled but the smile started to fade because he knew the end of the prophecy.  As he took a final glimpse at the world it was beautiful then he held his love Colourina’s hand and they faded away in the afterlife.  Although he would not live to see the world’s full beauty he would die a hero.  And from this day forward Roy G. Biv is remembered as the colours of the rainbow and he will forever be remembered as “THE COLOUR HERO” the one who brought the colours to our world.

How humans were made, by Adouk.

Years ago, there was a light up in the sky.  And in the light there was a face, a person who named himself Ken. He had created everything he wanted, but no living things. So he decided to create a planet with animals to keep him company. He made a planet by one click of his fingers, but he was missing something important that he needed about. Then he joined other planets then he finally knew what was missing and created the first human beings named Hoper and Quinn. 
Hoper and Quinn started learning about the environment they were living in. But, they forgot one thing, that Ken had told them to not touch a tree. But, Quinn decided to touch the tree so Ken cursed Quinn and Hoper to hell and made other humans.
That is how humans were made.

How rain was made, by Ali.

Once a upon time in a faraway land Sam and Bob were in a small village. Sam and Bob went fishing they had their own spear and other things.
  They got onto the canoe and paddled along. After 5 hours they stopped. Sam shouted a land they hopped out of the canoe. When they were walking on the water they saw different kinds of fishes. Sam quickly got his spear and Bob spear. Sam and Bob got heaps of fishes. They went to the land they saw before. Sam and Bob got their things on their back and carried it.
 They walked, walked and they walked. They made a fire and they roasted their fishes. While the eating their food then suddenly the sea’s water shot up the sky and the smoke that was out of the fire. It made clouds and after few minutes it started raining the first time they saw water falling from sky.      
  That how they think how rain is made.

How lightning was formed, by Jahdey

How lightning was formed!
Once upon a time there was a man named Zeus, he was the ruler of Greece and made man to worship him while he was in charge. Whenever the people disobeyed him it would make him angry. Zeus was a very angry man, when people disobeyed him, he would call the kraken to eat or kill them or eat them. One day a group of tourists decided to visit Greece, when ever people visited Greece he would scare them with the kraken and that would scare them out of Greece. But because the visitors were from another part of Greece, he wanted to be kind to them. He didn’t know that they were against him , so Zeus invited them over one night for dinner , they were discussing on what needs to be changed in Greece and he suddenly  had to go to the toilet , so the visitors trashed the house and left and when Zeus returned back to the dinner he saw that it was trashed and he started to yell and suddenly lightning appeared , the lightning was big and it flashed without the whole of Greece and people knew that something was wrong with Zeus , so they all hid so they didn’t get shocked from the lightning , but the visitors didn’t know about Zeus  having anger problems so they ended up getting shocked by lightning . The servants always worshiped him and never ever mislead him after that.

How the sun was created in India, by Arishna.

A long, long time ago in India there lived 7 brothers Aman, Vikram, Karan, shamal, Ashneel, Raju and kartik. One day they had a big conflict between them, they all separated. Their family went looking after them, but unfortunately they couldn’t find them. They all went back home.
12 months later Vikram and raju mat together at Ganga River [Holy River] and they started crying, they were sad and they missed each other. So they were looking for their other brothers. As they were walking forward they saw a village and they went there to get some help. Then they saw Shamal and Ashneel, and began to look for their other brothers.
So the 4 brothers started to look for the 3 brothers and they looked everywhere but they couldn’t find them. Slowly, slowly they all reached towards a village and Shamal asked everyone if they saw the other brothers. Everyone’s answer was” no”. So they all went and sat down and Aman came and asked “do you want any think?” Then all the brothers asked for water and when  Ashneel  took a glass of water he saw Aman and was very proud to find him and went around the village looking for Karan and they saw Karan feeding the horses and they all ran up to him and hugged him. So they all went looking for Kartik.
Suddenly the day they all went out to find Kartik, the day went bad, and the sun didn’t come out. 10 weeks later they were all turning back to go home and just then they saw Kartik walking along the desert. So they all ran up to him hugged him and walked all the way home. 20 weeks later they all reach home; when they went inside to look for their parents they weren’t able to find them anywhere. So they all asked the God “don’t ever let us separate ever again and always be together forever”. So the God decided to make them the sun of India. So that’s how there was a sun in India.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Why Mangere Mountain is named Mangere Mountian, By Heremaia.

Once, a long, long time ago, there were three brothers named Vagita, who was the eldest, Kratous, who was the second oldest, and Pisyden, who was the laziest and the youngest. The three brothers were Gods, Vagita was the God of Earth, Kratous was the God of Air, and Pisyden was the God of all living things. Vagita and Kratous would always go out and collect their food, but Pisyden wouldn't go with them. Vagita and Kratous would always tidy up after themselves, but Pisyden wouldn't. Until, one day Vagita and Kratous were arguing about collecting extra food for Pisyden, because he wouldn't get his own. He always relied on his older brothers. Vagita and Kratous were sick of Pisyden, and decided to set him up. They led him into an unknown place, and turned him into a mountain.

They decided to name the mountain Mangere, because Mangere means lazy.

How trees were made, by Grevel.

A long, long time ago there was a blank world, with Aborigines all around the place. There lived a lady named Akala and a man named Adoni, they were married. They went to a mountain, to have a good look at the view. They held hands while looking at the view, holding their hands high in the air. Unfortunately, they became stuck like this, and couldn't move any more! As they became older and older they grew more and more hairy. Their hairs were green and long, and slowly turned into leaves. The leaves became darker and darker as they aged. They grew taller as their hairy leaves were darker. After this, branches shot out of them, also covered with their hairy leaves.
This is how trees were formed.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Why there are different languages, by Fitu

A long, long time ago, after the first woman and man were made, there live two thirteen year old girls. In the world, the only language spoken was English. The two girls, called Amber and Sarah, loved telling secrets. But, they hated that everyone could understand what they were talking about. So that night, Amber made up a language that they could both understand. They called it Samoan.

So then when they went to school, they spoke Samoan. Everyone thought they were just acting weirdly, and that made the girls happy. They spoke Samoan every time they wanted to share a secret. Amber and Sarah were the best of friends. So as they grew older, they spoke Samoan. By the age of 21, they both got married, so they had their weddings on the same day.

Two years later, Amber was pregnant with twins. Sarah felt very happy for Amber, but she was very sad she didn't have a child for herself. Amber and Sarah still shared the language. One night Sarah went online on facebook, it was the night Amber was giving birth. She saw everyone commenting on facebook in Samoan. Sarah was very shocked about this, and told Amber.

Amber was very upset, and also happy that she had just given birth to twins. Amber knew how much Sarah loved kids, but didn't have any of her own. So Amber asked Sarah if she wanted to adopt one of the twins. Sarah gladly said yes. In excitement, Sarah was very happy.

Amber and Sarah knew how close they were, so they wanted their girls to be the best of friends too. Amber's daughter was named Vegas, and Sarah called her child Tatiana. Vegas and Tatiana became the best of friends from birth, like their mothers.

When Vegas and Tatiana turned 13, they made their own language, like their mothers had. They called it Tongan. One day when they came home from school, they were very down. Their mothers asked what was wrong. Vegas said "Everyone has their own languages now." Then Tatiana said " Yeah, and they call them all weird names, they say Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Tavaluan and Cook Island." This made Amber and Sarah confused.

Sarah explained to both their daughters that the world would be weird and just normal if everyone spoke the same language. Then Vegas asked, "So it's bad to be normal?", Amber replied "No darling, it's just boring to be normal."

So that is the story of why we have different languages in the world.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Why the fish cannot breathe on land, by Taylor.

Back in the dream time fish were able to live and breath with the other animals on land,until one day the fish were fighting over water with the other animals. The lion whose name was Leon did not like that the fish were fighting over  water with the other animals so he told the animals to have a competition and see who could breath under water the longest, the fish knew that they could not win this competition, so they decided to cheat and go to a magical witch doctor who gave them a special potion to help them breath under water for 2 hours. The lion Leon saw the fish take the potion and decided to do something about it. When it came to the competition the fish won the competition and they didn’t know that the lion had known about what they had done. So when the fish came out of the water they couldn’t  breath so they ran back into the water. The lion Leon then banished the fish to the sea forever and that is why now fish can not breath on land with the other animals.

Why we have an eclipse,by Sosaia

A very long time ago the world was pitch black and no one could see anything. one day a man named tama he had to separate the moon from the sun so there could be light again but the sun and the moon would not separate because they loved each other so much. They had four kids that were so powerful that they could separate their father and mother apart.
so tama had to convince the four children to separate there parents so he first went to the god of the sea to try and convince her to separate there father and mother but she did not agree she loved her mother and father to much to separate them. so tama wash out all the light that the god of the sea had so she can see what tama and his people could see. so the god of the sea agreed and followed tama to the next god.
so they journeyed to the god of the land so they could convince her to help tama separate their mother and father so that could see. but god of the land would not agree but tama did not have to do anything but turn on the light that god of the sea had and show all her plant had died. so she was convinced.
so she followed tama to the next god. this time the journeyed up to the sky to the god of the air. they could not find him because it was so dark in the air so they went down and saw him on the floor and went to him and said why are you not flying. he said it is to dark so the god of the air journeyed them on this quest so the had only one god left and he was the most powerful and needed no light because fire would be there to light it up - he was the god of fire. he did not agree to what they are going to do but he could not find his wife his fire was not big enough to light up the whole earth so he agreed to go help.
so he went with them so tama and the four gods went up high in to the sky to separate them. so they all grabbed and pulled then they were separated but tama felt sorry for them, so he let them meet every one hundred years, but if they stay more then ten seconds the four gods would arise up and separate them. so  that is why we have a eclipse.    

How the coconut tree was made, by Sharon.

Once upon a time there was a girl name Sina, she always wanted a pet but she wasn’t allowed to, so she had an idea to go and buy an eel to do as a pet. So she went to a village that had heaps and heaps of eels and bought one for her.
So she went back home and showed her mum and dad. Mum and dad were very angry and disappointed at Sina because she didn’t listen to the instructions that they made for her. Sina begged her mum and dad every day to leave the eel as her pet and she will do what ever they want. Dad and mum agreed that she can keep the eel.
One day when the eel got used to Sina he felt so in love with her and that where ever Sina goes the eel will follow, so she got very annoyed with it so she told her mum and dad. Then her mum and dad told her a myth about eels and what they will do to people. Sina always wanted to get rid of the eel but she couldn’t because he will always do something to make her do something else.
While Sina went to sleep the eel poisoned her cup of water with a liquid that could change Sina life. Sina woke up and drank the water that had the love poison liquid in it and started to fall in love with the evil eel. In the morning while they were having breakfast mum knew that the eel did something wrong to Sina, so mum went and locked the eel in a cage while Sina was sleeping. The eel was locked in the cage until Sina felt better.
When Sina woke up, mum told her that dad killed the eel because he did something very terrible. Dad planted the eels head in front of their house and went to the market to buy some food. When he came back there was a tree in front of there house. On the tree there was big round things that people could drink and eat, so he went and grabbed one and ate it.
While he was peeling the top of he could see three holes, and they were the two eyes and the mouth of the eel. So we all drink out of the mouth and that’s means we are kissing the eel. Sina was always happy because she knew that the eel was always there in front of her house.
That is how the coconut tree was created, and coconuts were made!

How countries were named, by Leander

A long time ago , the jury of gods were struggling  to name the countries of the world . One day the jury hosted a day where people could come up with the most brilliant names for our countries ; rich or poor , famous or not , wise men/or women , junkies , homeless , popular , Jewish or Aborigines could all come along . This one women stood out the most she claimed to be the wisest women alive , her name was Phetui Lautner , she had kids with the most beautiful names . The jury of gods named her the COUNTRY GOD . People worshiped her but mainly asked her for advice . But the jury needed her  for one reason only , she soon enough named the countries ; AUSTRALIA , NEW ZEALAND , CHINA , JAPAN , SAMOA , TONGA , COOK ISLAND , NIUE , RAROTONGA , ENGLAND , FRANCE , SPAIN , ARGENTINA , JAMAICA , COLUMBIA , FIJI , RUSSIA , BRAZIL , CAMBODIA , HAITI , INDIA , ISERAEL , ITALY , MEXICO , COSTA RICO &ON &ON  … , she had named all the countries after her kids. To this day she could be living in any country she wants , but is remembered by all .

Why a turtle hides her eggs, by Kesaia.

Once upon a time lived a group of turtles and they were swimming in the sea and having lots of fun, but there was one turtle that was sitting in the sand trying to hide her eggs. The other turtles were calling her to come and she said “in a minute”. After when she finished hiding her eggs she swam back to the sea. An hour later the eggs hatched and the little baby turtles were crying and no one cared about them and they just keep playing. A few years later the baby turtles grew up and two of the turtles were girls and when they had their baby’s they did the same thing that their mum did like hide their eggs in the sand. They don’t know why they do that but it just runs in the families and it goes on and on until this day, but it goes on and on.

Why Hades was thrown out of heaven, by Carl.

Back in the ancient times when all the Greek gods lived together up in the heavens, men from Sparta and Rome had big battles between each other to see which country was the best. One day every single Spartan and Roman warrior had heard about the brawl the high chiefs had declared and prepared for battle. One of the Spartans had picked up a piece of paper from the floor left behind by the crowd. "All gladiators and great warriors of Sparta and Rome, claim your title as the greatest warrior, and bring greatness to your country” Sincatar had shouted from the top of the colossus. Kratos heard him and asked “Where do we go and what do we do?” Spartacus said “Enter the colossus and ask for Caesar” Kratos did exactly as he said and entered the brawl to see if he can become the greatest warrior. In the colossus, Kratos walked in the dark hallways to enter the battle ground he heard the crowd cheering. Kratos fought to the top and won the clash. Kratos of dined in the halls with the all the gods except for Zeus. One day they were all eating and then Kratos said “Just because I won the battle, this is what I get? We all have immortality so what was the reason of the battle?” Zeus then appeared out of no where and said “What battle?” “The battle that you gods had agreed to happen” Kratos replied. “I never heard about this battle, so can someone tell me what happened because I never agreed to it so who did?” A voice came from the end of the table “I did.” Zeus was in fury and said “Hades, how dare you start a rivalry in my kingdom?” Zeus then declared a battle between himself and Hades. Zeus of course was winning by far but he was too old so Kratos wanted to fight for him. Kratos of course did not have the power or strength Hades had so Zeus blessed his weapons and helped him with the battle. In the end, Kratos had won the battle and Zeus threw him into the underground where he now lives.

Why people are different colours and stay that way, by Joshua.

Back in the day there were a rugby game with people that had long hair playing rugby on a field. The white people  and black people were confused because they were different colors. So then there was a machine that can turn you black ,brown ,tan ,white and pale white so then black people were turning into different colors over and over again with their long hair and playing rugby on the rugby field at Eden park and Jeremiah Crawford was the leader for his rugby team named the long hairs team. But the other people were not that happy with the blacks because the other different colored people were getting angry because they weren’t getting a turn at using the different colored machine. So than they went and told the black people to make a rule at using the different colored machine. So then the rule was that you have to line up black then white at the machine. But some people were trying to push in the line so then the chief made a statement that they are going to get rid of the different colored machine. So then if your black or white you would’ve had to stay the same color that you were and then nobody was turning different colors so that’s why you don’t see any people changing colors each day of their life so then they finally had the greatest rugby tournament of history the rugby world cup at new Zealand in 2011 in Auckland city.

How the Cheetah came to be, by Jerry.

Once  upon at time there was man named Cheetah .He was a very  fit man he was
Very  good at kung fu.  He would beat up people that did bad stuff so then as he finished
his day he went to go and get him some clothes . Suddenly, three leopards came and
chased him he ran and ran very fast till  he got away. He hid behind a building
And the leopards kept running straight  but did not see the cheetah hiding behind the building.
So then the next day the cheetah continued his mission to beat up any bad people as he walked
Down to the bank a man ran out with a bag of money the cheetah soon ran after the man
But then the three leopards came out again so he ran very fast and then suddenly the cheetah
Turned into an animal and ran very fast. So he ran until he got to the desert  so he then stayed and lived there forever .
The end