Monday, November 15, 2010

Summary of Stolen Generation Topic - David

This is David's overview of the topic thus far, in the form of a poem. Well done David!

They came in the light of day,
wanting to snatch us children away.
In the bush our lives we lived,
free from being downtrodden captives.

That fateful morn long gone by,
I was ambling beneath the blue sky.
With mum and my siblings nigh,
I thought I couldn't possibly die.

In a hazy cloud of dust,
emerged a vehicled glaze in rust.
The beat-up car driving brusque,
we knew the need to run was a must.

Men in a car had us caught,
We tried our best resisted and fought
Our pleas amounted to naught,
supposed protection they truly sought.

Into a squalid car shoved,
we gazed back at our mother beloved.
As the car began to roll,
In my heart I felt a gaping hole.

Our mother fell to her knees,
A victim of callous policies.
They couldn't be brushed off,
yet she tried her best to ward them off.

She put her hands to her face,
tears pouring down at a steady pace
Futile was to try and chase.
A chugging car she couldn't outrace.

In the car we tried to fight,
yet we couldn't overpower his might.
Our chances ruined by blight
Trapped in an inescapable plight.

As our home faded away,
We didn't have anything to say.
For we merely sobbed and cried,
our carefree existence gone awry

Thus plucked from the life I knew,
then and there I could not have construed
reason why us they pursued
Yet I knew hereout pain would ensue.

And indeed we did languish,
in the institutes and foster homes.
To this day remains anguish,
to forever reside in my soul.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Overview of the stolen generation topic

This term, we have been learning about the generations of stolen aboriginal children in Australia. The class was given three options in which to display their knowledge so far: either a series of paragraphs, cartoons, or lyrics in the style of Archie Roach. Here is the paragraph written overnight by Shinal:

The things that i have learnt are that if a person is taken away they  will go through a lot of pain and rejection. Here are some paragraphs explaining why all these things happened.

When a child was a half-cast the Europeans didn't accept their Aboriginal origin, they used to be threatened to that their children might be taken away.The Aboriginal parents were really helpless towards saving their children from being snatched.The Mum used to cry and held onto the moments of separation, and the Dads used to try to fight and defend his family from being separated. No matter what happened the children had to leave home.They had to let them go, the children were taken and put in institutions and when they grew up they had to marry some other white people, the Europeans wanted them to breed out their race.

When the children were taken away they were used to be treated so harshly. They were beaten up ,abused ,starved and used as cheap laborers.The Europeans used to promise to the children that whatever they did that was going in to their funds, but that was a lie.Even the missionaries and the politicians thought that they were doing a good favour for the children and their future.But instead the experiences that they have been through that has scarred them for life.The feelings or emotions left inside them are anger,hatred and alot of pain inside their soul.
These experiences made them hollow and judgemental from the outside .Some of the Aboriginal people who still living today some of them they take drugs/ alcohol to relieve them from their grief ..

Some of the effects are good . Its just one and that is that they taught them how to read and write, so now can tell us the horrible past/ history.

The ideas that the Europeans had are really wrong and awful of getting rid of the Aborigines and wiping out their entire race. It is not acceptable.I'm really pleased to see that now days people are standing up and against all these kinds of situations. It's good to raise the voice of those whose were lost.