Dreamtime Stories

These stories written by year nines are their version of a dreamtime story like those told in times of old by Aboriginal Australians. These people believe in a parallel universe, where the world was created, people can go on dreamtime quests, and they learn morals to live by. Stories from this place are told to subsequent generations in order to pass on knowledge gained. Our dreamtime stories were a creative writing task to explain 'why something is the way it is'. In response to this task, 9UN and 9BR  have created some amazing legends relating the creation of a variety of things in our world.
Leave a comment to let each author know what you think of their tale and writing style.
Miss Burt.

Year 9 Comment instructions:

You are to read 4 of your classmates dreamtime stories. You must choose 2 boys and 2 girls. On each story you read you must leave a comment giving your feedback on their story. Your feedback must be:


So, tell them what you liked, and why. Say something they could work on, but in a positive manner.
Any comment that is not these things will be deleted, and you will have to re-write it.