Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Getting Started at Otahuhu College

In 2011 this blog is going to show the work of both 9UN and 9BR. We are taught by Miss Burt for social studies.

In social studies in the first part of term one we have been studying a topic called 'Getting Started at Otahuhu College'.

In this topic we have learnt about the story behind our school motto and emblem, why our houses are named Seddon, Massey, Hobson and Grey, and about the people in our class.

As a part of learning about our classmates, we have created family trees and shields to represent ourselves. The shield has the school motto on it, and we had to decorate it with images that represent us.

People put pictures of things about their culture, religion, school, hobbies, families and sports they like. The following slideshow has pictures from our shields and family trees that are on the wall of our class.

Let us know what you think of our work so far!


  1. Congratulations to the Year 9 classes represented here on this blog. What a great way to show your pride in your new school and your own whanau. Some of you have some very creative and interesting shields. I look forward to seeing more.

  2. Hi Year 9 classes. It is good to see your blog is back up and running. Your shields look great!

  3. Hiya. I really have to ask... and if you don't mind sharing...

    What is the story behind your motto and emblem? and why are the houses named as they are?

  4. Great work Year 9. I am over in Los Angeles and really enjoying what you have created to represent yourselves.

    Look forward to seeing more

    Visitor from California

  5. Thanks for all your comments! The motto 'Kia Tamatane' means be like Tamatane. He was a man who was brave enough to change from being lazy into a hard worker. The houses are named after significant New Zealanders. Why those ones were chosen, we are not quite sure!

  6. You can do better than that :p

    Each of those names were either governors or prime ministers.

    Seddon was a liberal - so pushed the envelope a bit.

    Massey came from humble beginnings as a farmer - something else that can be seen as pushing the envelope given the status of other people who had taken the position previously.

    Hobson:- New Zealand's first governor.

    And Grey, also a liberal and possibly our most famous governor is quite possibly the most interesting of the lot:

    So they were all horribly important political figures in our history. Personally I think I would have gone with Michael Joeseph Savage rather than Grey but then, Savage House isn't quite right.

    Oh - and how amazing is this site?

  7. Wow! Those shields look amazing I wish I could make one of those . My best one would be all of them keep up the awesome work . Bye for now .