Thursday, June 30, 2011

Convict research, by Paul.

Mary Hyde was 17 years old when she was convicted of theft at the Warwickshire Assizes on March 21st 1796. She was sentenced to transportation, a sentence not carried out until 1798 when she arrived at Port Jackson aboard the Brittania II. She came under the protection of a young naval officer John Black (who had survived the mutiny on the Lady Shore in 1797). She and John had 2 children, John born in 1799 (who later became the first manager of the Bank of New South Wales) and Mary Ann (who were to marry Prosper de Mestre in 1822).
In 1802 John Black was lost at sea when his ship "The Fly" did not return from a voyage to India. Mary was left a widow with 2 children and no means of support. She came under the protection of one of early Sydney's great characters, a former convict by the name of Simeon Lord. In 1814 she and Simeon were married and she bore him 8 children both before and after marriage. Simeon Lord died in 1840 "an immensely wealthy man". Mary died on Dec 1st 1860 at her home at Botany.

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