Sunday, September 5, 2010

Orangutan Postcards

These are postcards made by 9T that explain some threats to the survival of Orangutans in Borneo and Sumatra. We have been studying the rainforest, and as a side note have spent a week learning about Orangutans, and how their population has been faced with extinction. The postcards have a picture on the front that shows some aspect of threat to the Orangutans, while the letter on the back describes this in words.9t postcards
Let us know what you think, and your opinion on the matter!


  1. Love your work 9T. Some of you have produced some very creative and witty postcards. They were most informative.

    I have lived in the tropics in a place where the rainforest was being cut down to make way for palm oil and I took my class on a trip for the day to watch it happening. It was very sad. You cannot imagine how many birds, insects and creatures live in a big tree until you see it hit the ground and all the living things flutter up into the air creating a dense black twittering cloud.

  2. Some really great designs here - maybe some of you will help establish some permanent protection these magnificent animals.

    Avoiding products with palm oil is a great and easy way to help right now. Just go with your parents to the supermarket on their next trip, and take a look at some of the labels to make sure you aren't inadvertently supporting the destruction of the rainforest...

    Good job raising awareness! :)

  3. What you are doing is really important! I visited Borneo last year and saw the orangutans in an orphanage. Some of their stories are heart breaking. Keep up the great work raising awareness.
    I will show my class in London your work too so they can learn from you.

  4. Thanks for your feedback! We also think it is very sad they way Orangutans are being treated, and if we have time this term will look at some solutions we can help with.