Sunday, September 5, 2010

Rainforest Menu

Last week, the class were given time to create a menu using only food found in the rainforest. We had to have an original restaurant name, come up with interesting names for our dishes, and have pictures to display each item. We needed to make two entrees, two mains, two desserts and two drinks. Below are some menus made by students in our class. 9t rainforest menus
To see these wonderful menus in a larger size, click on the 'view on slideshare' button above, and then choose full screen!


  1. Wow, cool menus! I like Lusaki's because I like how the purple writing relates to the names of the food!
    From Mrs Hamilton.

  2. mmmm, yum! I would like a mousse trap and milky way shakes.
    I love the creative names of the restaurants.

  3. The menus are awesome!! Really professional looking and the meals and names are so creative!!

  4. 9T loved your feedback, so thanks for letting us know what you liked! We liked making them, so Miss Burt is going to give us some more research and computer based activites in the future :)