Monday, August 22, 2011

Black Saturday, By Cynthia.

Saturday, 28th December 1929
It was a warm and sunny Saturday morning. I was standing by the waterfront in Apia; suddenly I saw a large group of men wearing white clothes marching towards the waterfront saying PEACE. Then along came a group of armed police officers. The officers started to open fire at the men. All the police officers started to arrest the marchers as the marchers approached the police station, an officer fired a machine gun to deter the mob. As an experienced gunner he fired his gun over the heads of the crowd. But suddenly three other policemen fired their riffles at the crowd. The firing injured the prominent Samoan leader TUPUA TAMASESE   LEALOFI III. It also killed seven other people in the crowd. It was a sad and tragic day for everybody in Samoa because the marchers didnt do anything wrong, they were just walking down the street saying PEACE to anybody they met. It was a sad and tragic day for all the Samoan people

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