Monday, August 22, 2011

Black Saturday, By Kristina.

Anonymous Samoan’s Journal of Black Saturday.
I am a Samoan citizen living under the New Zealands authorities. Yesterday was the worst day of my life. My loved ones were murdered and I only have my brother left .  Our Samoan Leader, Tupua Tamasese Lealofi was also tragically killed and he was majorly prized by the Samoan community.
Yesterday, I was standing in the centre of the riot in Samoa Saturday, 28th, December, 1929. All I could hear was the horrendous screaming, moaning of the people being killed. Blood, everywhere. I was also one of the lucky survivors.  The question is …. Why? Why did they shoot at us? Was it something we did? Was it something we said? It was because my fellow friends were wearing their cultural garments that represent who they were and what they stand for. They were all killed because of their pride that they had, the courage they brought upon us made us realise that we stand for something. That day, made everyone inspired by their bravery.  
The day New Zealand took charge, everything went wrong. Despicable Rules were made amongst the Samoan public. I did not have enough power and back-up to fight against the New Zealand Government. They had weaponry that we could never fight off, prepared strategies and much more population of their soldiers.
It hurts to see my people under attack, under ridiculous rules that shouldn’t be brought upon us. These are my last remarks as I am under attack by New Zealands Military army. 

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