Thursday, May 26, 2011

How the coconut tree was made, by Sharon.

Once upon a time there was a girl name Sina, she always wanted a pet but she wasn’t allowed to, so she had an idea to go and buy an eel to do as a pet. So she went to a village that had heaps and heaps of eels and bought one for her.
So she went back home and showed her mum and dad. Mum and dad were very angry and disappointed at Sina because she didn’t listen to the instructions that they made for her. Sina begged her mum and dad every day to leave the eel as her pet and she will do what ever they want. Dad and mum agreed that she can keep the eel.
One day when the eel got used to Sina he felt so in love with her and that where ever Sina goes the eel will follow, so she got very annoyed with it so she told her mum and dad. Then her mum and dad told her a myth about eels and what they will do to people. Sina always wanted to get rid of the eel but she couldn’t because he will always do something to make her do something else.
While Sina went to sleep the eel poisoned her cup of water with a liquid that could change Sina life. Sina woke up and drank the water that had the love poison liquid in it and started to fall in love with the evil eel. In the morning while they were having breakfast mum knew that the eel did something wrong to Sina, so mum went and locked the eel in a cage while Sina was sleeping. The eel was locked in the cage until Sina felt better.
When Sina woke up, mum told her that dad killed the eel because he did something very terrible. Dad planted the eels head in front of their house and went to the market to buy some food. When he came back there was a tree in front of there house. On the tree there was big round things that people could drink and eat, so he went and grabbed one and ate it.
While he was peeling the top of he could see three holes, and they were the two eyes and the mouth of the eel. So we all drink out of the mouth and that’s means we are kissing the eel. Sina was always happy because she knew that the eel was always there in front of her house.
That is how the coconut tree was created, and coconuts were made!

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  1. HI Sharon

    Sina ma le Tuna is a favourite story of mine. My Aiga have a place at Kuaotuna which means baby eels, so Tuna means eel in Maori as well! I think you left out that Sina was happy because she could kiss the eel any time but the eel was no longer a nuisance and was very helpful!

    Malo Sharon
    Keep up the good writing

    Russell Burt