Thursday, May 26, 2011

Why Hades was thrown out of heaven, by Carl.

Back in the ancient times when all the Greek gods lived together up in the heavens, men from Sparta and Rome had big battles between each other to see which country was the best. One day every single Spartan and Roman warrior had heard about the brawl the high chiefs had declared and prepared for battle. One of the Spartans had picked up a piece of paper from the floor left behind by the crowd. "All gladiators and great warriors of Sparta and Rome, claim your title as the greatest warrior, and bring greatness to your country” Sincatar had shouted from the top of the colossus. Kratos heard him and asked “Where do we go and what do we do?” Spartacus said “Enter the colossus and ask for Caesar” Kratos did exactly as he said and entered the brawl to see if he can become the greatest warrior. In the colossus, Kratos walked in the dark hallways to enter the battle ground he heard the crowd cheering. Kratos fought to the top and won the clash. Kratos of dined in the halls with the all the gods except for Zeus. One day they were all eating and then Kratos said “Just because I won the battle, this is what I get? We all have immortality so what was the reason of the battle?” Zeus then appeared out of no where and said “What battle?” “The battle that you gods had agreed to happen” Kratos replied. “I never heard about this battle, so can someone tell me what happened because I never agreed to it so who did?” A voice came from the end of the table “I did.” Zeus was in fury and said “Hades, how dare you start a rivalry in my kingdom?” Zeus then declared a battle between himself and Hades. Zeus of course was winning by far but he was too old so Kratos wanted to fight for him. Kratos of course did not have the power or strength Hades had so Zeus blessed his weapons and helped him with the battle. In the end, Kratos had won the battle and Zeus threw him into the underground where he now lives.

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