Monday, May 30, 2011

Why stars appear at night, by Siksha.

Long ago, when the skies were clear and the night sky was just a blanket of blue. In a small valley were the flowers blossomed, a baby girl cried for the warmth of her mother’s love. Sadly the little girl’s mother was no more and the little girl remained alone. As for the girl’s father, the man knew nothing about the girl nor how to care for her. So he left her in the cold, dark night with a little Nightingale.
Growing up Star, which became her name, lived in the wild among the other birds and her friend the Nightingale. Star always wondered where her true family lived but never showed this desperation of being with her family to her little friends; she always kept it to herself. One evening Star went to the beautiful valley and was filled with happiness just by looking at the ripples in the water. Soon she decided to take a swim “SPLASH”.
“Oh! My leg” Star screamed. A sharp rock had gone halfway through Star leg. The poor, injured girl sat there sobbing until it became night and a mellifluous sound began to brighten Star’s heart. It was her Nightingale singing “ la,la,la…la,la,la…di,di…da,da…da,da,da…da…da,da,da” it sang. Its voice was beautiful and enchanting. “Oh! Nightingale my friend, your voice is you talent, I wish I could be as one” Star said.
The Nightingale stopped singing at once. “Your beauty is your talented and I will show it to the world. I have seen your tears of longing to be with your dear mother, I will make it come true.” “With the guidance of the sky spirits I grant you the highest of highest throne and the shine of the moon… Maybe the spirits grant you to be known as your name and everyone to admire your beauty.” The Nightingale said.
At that very moment a spectacular thing happened. Star began to float higher and higher, she even began to shrink. There was a sparkle of white shine around Star then she changed into a butterfly of shine and went higher to join her mother’s spirit in the sky. To this day forth the sky is never clear; it is filled with pure spirits of who were separated. Somewhere in the sky Star and her mother float side by side watching the Nightingales sing. That Is Why Stars Appear At Night!
Siksha Nair.

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