Friday, May 27, 2011

Why there are different languages, by Fitu

A long, long time ago, after the first woman and man were made, there live two thirteen year old girls. In the world, the only language spoken was English. The two girls, called Amber and Sarah, loved telling secrets. But, they hated that everyone could understand what they were talking about. So that night, Amber made up a language that they could both understand. They called it Samoan.

So then when they went to school, they spoke Samoan. Everyone thought they were just acting weirdly, and that made the girls happy. They spoke Samoan every time they wanted to share a secret. Amber and Sarah were the best of friends. So as they grew older, they spoke Samoan. By the age of 21, they both got married, so they had their weddings on the same day.

Two years later, Amber was pregnant with twins. Sarah felt very happy for Amber, but she was very sad she didn't have a child for herself. Amber and Sarah still shared the language. One night Sarah went online on facebook, it was the night Amber was giving birth. She saw everyone commenting on facebook in Samoan. Sarah was very shocked about this, and told Amber.

Amber was very upset, and also happy that she had just given birth to twins. Amber knew how much Sarah loved kids, but didn't have any of her own. So Amber asked Sarah if she wanted to adopt one of the twins. Sarah gladly said yes. In excitement, Sarah was very happy.

Amber and Sarah knew how close they were, so they wanted their girls to be the best of friends too. Amber's daughter was named Vegas, and Sarah called her child Tatiana. Vegas and Tatiana became the best of friends from birth, like their mothers.

When Vegas and Tatiana turned 13, they made their own language, like their mothers had. They called it Tongan. One day when they came home from school, they were very down. Their mothers asked what was wrong. Vegas said "Everyone has their own languages now." Then Tatiana said " Yeah, and they call them all weird names, they say Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Tavaluan and Cook Island." This made Amber and Sarah confused.

Sarah explained to both their daughters that the world would be weird and just normal if everyone spoke the same language. Then Vegas asked, "So it's bad to be normal?", Amber replied "No darling, it's just boring to be normal."

So that is the story of why we have different languages in the world.

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  1. Great work Fitu. I really like the imagination in your story, and how you linked things in today's worl with things of the past. It was a good idea to make different languages be for telling secrets.