Monday, May 30, 2011

How the sun was created in India, by Arishna.

A long, long time ago in India there lived 7 brothers Aman, Vikram, Karan, shamal, Ashneel, Raju and kartik. One day they had a big conflict between them, they all separated. Their family went looking after them, but unfortunately they couldn’t find them. They all went back home.
12 months later Vikram and raju mat together at Ganga River [Holy River] and they started crying, they were sad and they missed each other. So they were looking for their other brothers. As they were walking forward they saw a village and they went there to get some help. Then they saw Shamal and Ashneel, and began to look for their other brothers.
So the 4 brothers started to look for the 3 brothers and they looked everywhere but they couldn’t find them. Slowly, slowly they all reached towards a village and Shamal asked everyone if they saw the other brothers. Everyone’s answer was” no”. So they all went and sat down and Aman came and asked “do you want any think?” Then all the brothers asked for water and when  Ashneel  took a glass of water he saw Aman and was very proud to find him and went around the village looking for Karan and they saw Karan feeding the horses and they all ran up to him and hugged him. So they all went looking for Kartik.
Suddenly the day they all went out to find Kartik, the day went bad, and the sun didn’t come out. 10 weeks later they were all turning back to go home and just then they saw Kartik walking along the desert. So they all ran up to him hugged him and walked all the way home. 20 weeks later they all reach home; when they went inside to look for their parents they weren’t able to find them anywhere. So they all asked the God “don’t ever let us separate ever again and always be together forever”. So the God decided to make them the sun of India. So that’s how there was a sun in India.

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