Thursday, May 26, 2011

Why we have an eclipse,by Sosaia

A very long time ago the world was pitch black and no one could see anything. one day a man named tama he had to separate the moon from the sun so there could be light again but the sun and the moon would not separate because they loved each other so much. They had four kids that were so powerful that they could separate their father and mother apart.
so tama had to convince the four children to separate there parents so he first went to the god of the sea to try and convince her to separate there father and mother but she did not agree she loved her mother and father to much to separate them. so tama wash out all the light that the god of the sea had so she can see what tama and his people could see. so the god of the sea agreed and followed tama to the next god.
so they journeyed to the god of the land so they could convince her to help tama separate their mother and father so that could see. but god of the land would not agree but tama did not have to do anything but turn on the light that god of the sea had and show all her plant had died. so she was convinced.
so she followed tama to the next god. this time the journeyed up to the sky to the god of the air. they could not find him because it was so dark in the air so they went down and saw him on the floor and went to him and said why are you not flying. he said it is to dark so the god of the air journeyed them on this quest so the had only one god left and he was the most powerful and needed no light because fire would be there to light it up - he was the god of fire. he did not agree to what they are going to do but he could not find his wife his fire was not big enough to light up the whole earth so he agreed to go help.
so he went with them so tama and the four gods went up high in to the sky to separate them. so they all grabbed and pulled then they were separated but tama felt sorry for them, so he let them meet every one hundred years, but if they stay more then ten seconds the four gods would arise up and separate them. so  that is why we have a eclipse.    

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  1. Sosaia, this story is wonderful. I like the way you described the situation, and had different steps along the way to solving the problem. That's a lot like what happens in real life.
    Great effort!