Thursday, May 26, 2011

Why a turtle hides her eggs, by Kesaia.

Once upon a time lived a group of turtles and they were swimming in the sea and having lots of fun, but there was one turtle that was sitting in the sand trying to hide her eggs. The other turtles were calling her to come and she said “in a minute”. After when she finished hiding her eggs she swam back to the sea. An hour later the eggs hatched and the little baby turtles were crying and no one cared about them and they just keep playing. A few years later the baby turtles grew up and two of the turtles were girls and when they had their baby’s they did the same thing that their mum did like hide their eggs in the sand. They don’t know why they do that but it just runs in the families and it goes on and on until this day, but it goes on and on.

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