Thursday, May 26, 2011

Why people are different colours and stay that way, by Joshua.

Back in the day there were a rugby game with people that had long hair playing rugby on a field. The white people  and black people were confused because they were different colors. So then there was a machine that can turn you black ,brown ,tan ,white and pale white so then black people were turning into different colors over and over again with their long hair and playing rugby on the rugby field at Eden park and Jeremiah Crawford was the leader for his rugby team named the long hairs team. But the other people were not that happy with the blacks because the other different colored people were getting angry because they weren’t getting a turn at using the different colored machine. So than they went and told the black people to make a rule at using the different colored machine. So then the rule was that you have to line up black then white at the machine. But some people were trying to push in the line so then the chief made a statement that they are going to get rid of the different colored machine. So then if your black or white you would’ve had to stay the same color that you were and then nobody was turning different colors so that’s why you don’t see any people changing colors each day of their life so then they finally had the greatest rugby tournament of history the rugby world cup at new Zealand in 2011 in Auckland city.

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