Monday, May 30, 2011

How the trees lost their leaves, by Raymond.

A long time ago during the dreamtime, the land was quickly turning from a dull, grey flat land to a flourishing land and crowds of lively creatures. In the dreamtime trees weren’t like the trees we see today. Trees never lost tier leaves; they flourished with beautiful flowers and ripe fruit. This is the story of how trees lose their leaves.

In the dreamtime there were very few trees but these trees were huge. As the dreamtime grew, so did the animals. The animals grew in numbers and with very few trees the animals ate the ripe fruit from the trees. The trees could support the animals for some time.

The dreamtime grew, it constantly expanded and with very few trees bearing fruit, the trees worked hard to create food for the animals. Soon enough the trees were so tried they stop making food entirely. So the trees go to sleep their leaves fell off and the winter begins.

Animals were desperate for food, fights began over food, and fights began over food. Animals began to split some going south, some north, some stayed.
The ones that went north, travelled a long way but with success. The north still had ripe fruit. This is why some animals travel from one place to another.

The ones that went south travelled a short distance but with success as well. The south ate from the sea where the supply in never short of food.

The ones that stayed nested on the trees or slept in caves burrow down into the ground and slept for a very long time. They awaken by the smell of fruit and now the cycle goes again. Now the trees we see today lose their leaves. Some don’t because they don’t bare food.

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