Monday, May 30, 2011

How colours came to our world, by Daniel.

Once upon a time the world was filled with beautiful colours and creatures.  It was peaceful, calm and every being alive was proud with the world and its beauty except one.  An evil wizard named Doctor. Pale, he hated beauty and every colour.  So he devised a cunning plan to cease the world’s peace and beauty.  He set a spell upon the world and all beauty was lost.  But a prophet made a final prophecy which would return the world’s beauty.  A colour hero will arise to save the world’s beauty but will fade away because of the one he loves.
Many years later in a land called Greenland lived a man named Roy G. Biv.  Roy was determined to fulfil the prophecy and the world’s beauty so he set off in the uninhabited area of Greenland.  On his journey he met another weary traveller seeking for the long lost beauty of the world.  Her name was Colourina Hue and she was set also to fulfil the prophecy.
After a long day of walking in the sun the weather pattern started to change and rain started to fall on their heads.  So they found a cave to sleep for the night, and there they fell in love.  Awoken by a big bang and crumpling sounds Roy and Colourina went to see the cause of the loud noise.  Suddenly Roy saw a glowing staff on the ground lying there; not knowing it was glowing due to the lack of colour.  But curiously he picked it up and the hidden animals started appearing around them.  He then knew he was the prophesied colour hero.  Knowing now his destiny he hit the River of Forgotten Beauty and a strong gale swept him to his feet and on the ground.  Colourina woke him up and told him what happened, he smiled but the smile started to fade because he knew the end of the prophecy.  As he took a final glimpse at the world it was beautiful then he held his love Colourina’s hand and they faded away in the afterlife.  Although he would not live to see the world’s full beauty he would die a hero.  And from this day forward Roy G. Biv is remembered as the colours of the rainbow and he will forever be remembered as “THE COLOUR HERO” the one who brought the colours to our world.


  1. You are an engaging storyteller Daniel - well done. I enjoyed the way you have crafted some of your sentences and the way you have woven elements from the present into your story from the past.

    Keep sharing your work. People will want to read it :)

    Mrs Burt

  2. I really like your writing Daniel its really good and I think you are talented and a really good witter keep up the alsome work love Room 22

  3. I relly like your writing Daniel I hope you do more so I can read some more of your writing and I am also looking foward to reading some more so buy.

  4. Wow I really like your story about dreamtime I like that you are being really creativi with your work keep up the good work