Thursday, May 26, 2011

How countries were named, by Leander

A long time ago , the jury of gods were struggling  to name the countries of the world . One day the jury hosted a day where people could come up with the most brilliant names for our countries ; rich or poor , famous or not , wise men/or women , junkies , homeless , popular , Jewish or Aborigines could all come along . This one women stood out the most she claimed to be the wisest women alive , her name was Phetui Lautner , she had kids with the most beautiful names . The jury of gods named her the COUNTRY GOD . People worshiped her but mainly asked her for advice . But the jury needed her  for one reason only , she soon enough named the countries ; AUSTRALIA , NEW ZEALAND , CHINA , JAPAN , SAMOA , TONGA , COOK ISLAND , NIUE , RAROTONGA , ENGLAND , FRANCE , SPAIN , ARGENTINA , JAMAICA , COLUMBIA , FIJI , RUSSIA , BRAZIL , CAMBODIA , HAITI , INDIA , ISERAEL , ITALY , MEXICO , COSTA RICO &ON &ON  … , she had named all the countries after her kids. To this day she could be living in any country she wants , but is remembered by all .


  1. Hi Leander, Great to see you posting again on a blog! This was an interesting idea you developed for a Dreamtime Story, but I must say I always feel sorry for the mother when I read these kind of stories. That's a lot of kids to manage :)

    Keep it up.

    PS. If you click on my name above, you will find it links to work posted by the cutest little 9 yr old.....

  2. Hi Leander, I like the way you have made the names of the countries the children of the Country God. It sort of makes the link between the earth and Mother Nature, without making it so obvious that your audience doesn't have to imagine a little. Can't imagine who may have taught you that. I hope you are still keen on doing well at school and maybe even playing for your school's rugby and or netball teams if they have some. It's also good to see that you are using a variety of different words in your writing. Well done Leander, keep on striving to succeed, in everything you do. If you click on my name you can read about what I have been up to lately.