Monday, May 30, 2011

How lightning was formed, by Jahdey

How lightning was formed!
Once upon a time there was a man named Zeus, he was the ruler of Greece and made man to worship him while he was in charge. Whenever the people disobeyed him it would make him angry. Zeus was a very angry man, when people disobeyed him, he would call the kraken to eat or kill them or eat them. One day a group of tourists decided to visit Greece, when ever people visited Greece he would scare them with the kraken and that would scare them out of Greece. But because the visitors were from another part of Greece, he wanted to be kind to them. He didn’t know that they were against him , so Zeus invited them over one night for dinner , they were discussing on what needs to be changed in Greece and he suddenly  had to go to the toilet , so the visitors trashed the house and left and when Zeus returned back to the dinner he saw that it was trashed and he started to yell and suddenly lightning appeared , the lightning was big and it flashed without the whole of Greece and people knew that something was wrong with Zeus , so they all hid so they didn’t get shocked from the lightning , but the visitors didn’t know about Zeus  having anger problems so they ended up getting shocked by lightning . The servants always worshiped him and never ever mislead him after that.

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