Saturday, May 28, 2011

Why Mangere Mountain is named Mangere Mountian, By Heremaia.

Once, a long, long time ago, there were three brothers named Vagita, who was the eldest, Kratous, who was the second oldest, and Pisyden, who was the laziest and the youngest. The three brothers were Gods, Vagita was the God of Earth, Kratous was the God of Air, and Pisyden was the God of all living things. Vagita and Kratous would always go out and collect their food, but Pisyden wouldn't go with them. Vagita and Kratous would always tidy up after themselves, but Pisyden wouldn't. Until, one day Vagita and Kratous were arguing about collecting extra food for Pisyden, because he wouldn't get his own. He always relied on his older brothers. Vagita and Kratous were sick of Pisyden, and decided to set him up. They led him into an unknown place, and turned him into a mountain.

They decided to name the mountain Mangere, because Mangere means lazy.

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  1. Cool story Heremaia. Did Vagita have to go super saiyan so that he could turn Pisyden into Mangere Mountain?