Monday, May 30, 2011

How rain was made, by Ali.

Once a upon time in a faraway land Sam and Bob were in a small village. Sam and Bob went fishing they had their own spear and other things.
  They got onto the canoe and paddled along. After 5 hours they stopped. Sam shouted a land they hopped out of the canoe. When they were walking on the water they saw different kinds of fishes. Sam quickly got his spear and Bob spear. Sam and Bob got heaps of fishes. They went to the land they saw before. Sam and Bob got their things on their back and carried it.
 They walked, walked and they walked. They made a fire and they roasted their fishes. While the eating their food then suddenly the sea’s water shot up the sky and the smoke that was out of the fire. It made clouds and after few minutes it started raining the first time they saw water falling from sky.      
  That how they think how rain is made.