Thursday, May 26, 2011

How the Cheetah came to be, by Jerry.

Once  upon at time there was man named Cheetah .He was a very  fit man he was
Very  good at kung fu.  He would beat up people that did bad stuff so then as he finished
his day he went to go and get him some clothes . Suddenly, three leopards came and
chased him he ran and ran very fast till  he got away. He hid behind a building
And the leopards kept running straight  but did not see the cheetah hiding behind the building.
So then the next day the cheetah continued his mission to beat up any bad people as he walked
Down to the bank a man ran out with a bag of money the cheetah soon ran after the man
But then the three leopards came out again so he ran very fast and then suddenly the cheetah
Turned into an animal and ran very fast. So he ran until he got to the desert  so he then stayed and lived there forever .
The end               

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  1. Jerry, nice explanation of how the Cheetah was created. I think you tied the ideas in your story together nicely, and next time we can work more on the punctuation. Great start!