Sunday, October 24, 2010

Blue Sky, Red Leaves, by Francis.

Once upon a time, long long ago, an ugly man lived in a tree. The tree was sick of the man's ugliness because all the other trees were mean to him about it. "Your man in you is ugly," they said. "Y'all are bullies" he cried. One day the tree decided to do something about his ugly companion. He threw his ugly friend into the sky, which was red, and shot him with his twelve gauge. The man's blue blood made the sky blue. The man's blue blood angered the red, and he was cursed. The red, who had been painted blue, cursed the tree. He made the tree's purple trunk brown, and his leaves the colour of snot. So the tree changed colour just like the red sky. Now, at the same time every year, at the anniversary of the ugly blue man's death, the snot coloured leaves on trees turn red. This is red's revenge. Then, he shaves them off and leaves the trees bald as punishment. 
This is why the sky is blue, and tree's leaves fall off.


  1. Hi Francis,
    Your story made me laugh, and I thought it was an inspired explanation. Your imagination was great, but next time you could think about making the writing more formal.
    Really good work, the other teachers in the department liked it a lot.

  2. To Francis,
    I liked how you explained how trees leaves turn red. It was funny how the ugly man made the leaves the same colour as snot. Do you think that all trees had a man inside them, or just the one with the ugly man?
    From Toby.

  3. oh my gosh! (: francis man you have a ganster story haha. it like made me laugh because it like reminds me of you speak and that. far man your krak up keep it up with the funny stuff bro (:
    latrs im out.

    marina(: .

  4. heey francis you have a very funny story.
    i liked every bit of it.
    keep it up
    by jenevieve

  5. David here again.

    Wow. You gave me quite a chuckle there Francis. Very funny story. Such a hilarious explanation for another natural phenomenon.

    One question: If only one tree was cursed, how come all trees are brown? How come all of them shed their leaves in autumn? No offence intended though, your story is the only one so far that has actually made me laugh.

    Awesome. ;D