Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Koala's Trademarks, by Yeomans.

There once was a Big Grey Fearsome animal that was very greedy. He liked to eat a lot and never ever shared his food or slept at all.
One day while he was munching happily on his food, another animal from his village came to ask for some of his food. The animal and his family only had one piece of bread left to share between them. The Big Grey Greedy Monster said no to the starving man, and he went home crying and hungry. That night, when everyone went to bed, the Big Grey Greedy Monster was walking around the village and saw inside the kitchens of the other animals. Feeling his greed coming on he quietly snuck into the animal’s houses and took all of their food. That night he spitefully ate and drank all the stolen food.
In the morning when everyone awoke to have their breakfast, they were shocked to see that all of their food had gone missing. The entire village was hungry, and they knew who was to blame for the missing food. But none of them dared go to the Big Grey Greedy Monster alone.
Up above, the God of punishment, Eucalyptus, saw what the Big Grey Greedy Monster had done, and found some suitable punishments for him.
The villagers came together and faced the Big Grey Greedy Monster to get their food back. When they arrived at his hut, they found him sitting there quietly pretending to be asleep, hugging his food with all his might.
He only pretended to wake up when the God Eucalyptus arrived.
Eucalyptus’ punishments to the Big Grey Greedy Monster are what we call ‘trademarks’ of this animal. All of the generations to follow him would suffer the same punishments as he did. They are: that they are very small bears that are grey, they must sleep all day long; they must hug everything that they touch and keep away from other animals in the village. Their only food would be poisonous leaves from the Eucalyptus Punishment tree and they would have to climb very high on skinny trees to get them.
His name will always be a constant reminder of his punishment and why he was punished. Till this day, and forever more, this animal will be known as Koala. Greedy.


  1. Hi Yeomans,
    Your dreamtime story was a great read. I liked that you used real information about the Koala to make your explanation more thorough. Next time you could work on you time management in finishing tasks set.
    Great story writing!

  2. Wow Yeomans,
    I liked how your title went with the story. It was also cool how you used paragraphs to break up your story. We are learning to do that in our class.
    From Ben.