Saturday, October 23, 2010

How The Draught Was Broken, by Chandler.

Once upon a time there was a place where it was extremely sunny, called Yanille. It had been like that for four years. Many villagers were very sick and tired of the sun, so they eventually started to pray for rain. Many, many nights they would pray for rain to the Gods. This plan of theirs did not work, so they had to come up with a better solution.
Their next plan was to make a bull with a mouth you could use to sacrifice virgins to make it rain. They built this amazing invention, and tested it out. They would line up all the ladies who were virgins and pick one of them to sacrifice. The bull was full of flames, and they would throw the virgin inside the bull's mouth. They waited and waited for it to rain, but still nothing came. The ritual continued for many days. The princess of Yanille began to search for the chosen one, who was the only person who could plead with the Gods in the holy of holies.
The princess saw a man who would never bow down to her, and thought to herself that he must be the chosen one. She told him to walk into the holy of holies and pray to the Gods for rain. The chosen one finished praying, and what do you know? It finally started to rain. The draught was finally broken.


  1. Hi Chandler,
    This was a really interesting explanation for how a draught could be broken. I think your use of language really helped the story along. Next time you could write a bit more to help explain the details even better.
    Awesome work!

  2. To Chandler,
    I liked your explanation because it had lots of information in it and I liked how you had an orientation, sequence of events and conclusion to your story. It made it easy to read because it sounded like a real myth and legend.
    From James at Grey Lynn School.

  3. Yo Chan!
    Your story was krak as! In a funny kind of way. The virgin thing was randum as but it was funny as well. I liked the story line cos it was funky dude. Yep I liked it the way it is so it was solid as mate.