Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Why is the sea salty, by Kirsteen.

In a time when pirates dominated the seas, when the oceans and seas were clear up close, and the water was pure, there lived a clumsy goody good two shoes pirate named Davi Jones. He was the captain of his wrecked ship and amateur crew. They apparently called themselves pirates of the Caribbean because they live amongst the ocean of Caribbean. Davi Jones and his pirates weren't the most perfect pirates, and they tended to lose every battle. They lost respect from the other pirates, and weren't good at gaining territory. They had heart, were brave, and enjoyed the heat.
On another part of the surface of the earth, where most of the rebel pirates settled amongst the sea, where the water was ice cold and pure, there lived a rebellious, self-centered bad pirate named Jack Sparrow.
He was the captain of his black ship, and cocky crew, who were victorious in all their battles. They called themselves the Black Pearl, and they lived in the Arctic Ocean. Jack Sparrow owned a lot of oceans and seas, but he mostly settled in his favourite ocean, the Arctic. He and his crew were very greedy and rich. One day one of the members, Copper, arrived from patrolling the seven seas, and told Jack Sparrow that there was trouble ahead in the Caribbean. There was a shipwreck in their territory. Jack Sparrow was furious and commanded his crew to prepare for battle. They left for the Caribbean, and it took 7 days and nights to get there.
Davi Jones was in his pajamas and so were the rest of the crew, dancing and swearing, until they saw a ship approaching. They were challenged to battle, even though they were not ready. Davi Jones accepted the challenge, and was not bothered even though his ship was being destroyed by the Black Pearl. 
Suddenly, Davi Jones had a great idea! He had his crew load all the salt and vinegar on board into the catapult. They added their spit to it, and fired it at the enemy crew. It hit the target, burning Jack Sparrow in the eyes. Unfortunately, it also landed in the sea, and that is why the sea is now salty.


  1. Hello Kirsteen, I enjoyed the humour in your piece of writing. The idea of Jack Sparrow getting salt (and spit) in his eyes was a good one, original too. Keep up the good work.

  2. Hi Kirsteen,
    Your story was good to read because I really like reading about oceans. Do you like oceans? I thought it was cool how your story was like the Pirates of the Caribbean.
    From Nathan.

  3. hi kristen
    we liked the way you took other peoples ideas and made them your own

  4. SHOT KRIS! that was a amazing story, even though i didnt read it properly (: haha. naaar jokes i read it carefully, it was SOLID! keep it up.