Saturday, October 23, 2010

Why We Have Eyebrows, by Jenevieve

Some thousands of years ago, people who lived in Africa had flat faces with no eyebrows. People had suffered a lot from skin cancer, normally around the eyes. People in Africa had always said " the sun won't burn where there is hair." A handful of them had skin cancer around the eyes so seriously they became blind.They did not get cancer as much on their arms, legs and head because there was hair there.
Dr Phyl was an African doctor who earned little money for all the work he was doing. After one long day he returned home late at night. He didn't feel like sleeping, he was sick of seeing people filled with pain and sorrow, so he wanted to invent something. What he wanted to invent was something that would make hair appear over the eyes. He mixed all he could find that would make what he wanted, then tested it on his younger brother, Zookou. He injected his invention into his brother, and waited. Zookou woke up and Dr Phyl was astonished to see little hairs poking out just above the eyes. He decided to call his invention "eyebrows". 
The news had already spread throughout the country the next day. Dr Phyl made a lot of eyebrow injections. A few months later, everyone had eyebrows. Less people suffered from skin cancer around the eyed and everyone was happy. Women became pregnant, and even their children had eyebrows.


  1. Jenevieve,
    I thought Dr Phyl was a very funny name to give your African doctor! I don't think the real Dr Phil could invent something as great as yours. Nice work, next time you could use some dialogue in your story so we can see what your characters are saying to each other.

  2. Hi Jenevieve
    I came to read your story because it was such an interesting title and I wondered how you would make a dreamtime story out of that. It was very clever idea.

  3. Dear Jenevieve,
    That was really cool. I never thought about how strange eyebrows were before. I will have to see if my eyebrows protect my eyes from the sun in summer.
    From Syris.

  4. yeah jaycee (: thats a solid & cool story.
    remember my eyebrow story because it was so cool aay? haha.
    keep it up with the hard work my ge.