Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Why the sea makes waves, by Marina.

Long ago in the far far land of Alaska, lived an old wise woman. Her name was Madame Zeroni. She was a lovely lady who baked cookies everyday. Madame Zeroni lived with her three younger sisters, who were very very mean.

One day Madame Zeroni was baking batched of cookies for her youngest sister. As she was in the kitchen, her sister Adelaide, who was seventeen years old, walked in. With a demanding voice, Adelaide commanded Madame to hurry up and finish the cookies. Madame Zeroni was old and slow, but managed to deliver the cookies upstairs to her sisters. Everyday Madame Zeroni would always read her book, clean and cook while her sisters were at work. The three sisters did not treat Madame Zeroni with respect, they made her do everything around the house.

On a Saturday afternoon, Madame Zeroni was invited to the 'Bingo Night'. For the first time Madame dressed herself in her best clothes that she had, and had her next door neighbour, John, to pick her up and drop her off. Of course her three sisters did not like the fact that Madame was leaving the house. So they had an evil plan to push Madame off a cliff and into the sea.

When Madame Zeroni was about to leave out the front door, Adelaide stopped her and said
"John will not be able to take you, so we will."
Off went Madame Zeroni and her three evil sisters. Madame knew something was wrong when they turned down a street which lead to the cliff. Madame may have been old, but she was not stupid. As the car stopped, Adelaide and the other sisters attacked Madame. They were slapping and biting her. Madame was full of anger. She managed to grab a rock from outside and put it on the accelerator. Madame quickly started the car and put it in drive.

The three sisters were still attacking Madame when she jumped out of the car. The three sisters were screaming and crying for help as they were falling off the cliff...
.. there was a loud splash, and seconds later a big KA BOOM!

Ever since the car with the three sisters hit the sea, the water was never calm and settled again. It was rough and wild, with water rising and splashing back down.

So, this is how waves were formed.


  1. Hi Marina,
    I really enjoyed reading your dreamtime story. I liked the creativity you used in explaining how waves were formed. Next time you could think about how to use more dialogue in your story.
    Keep up the good work!

  2. Thanks to all your writers for sharing your stories. Reading them has reminded me of how much I enjoy traditional tales, they are some of the first stories I ever remember being read. I think the attraction was the little life lessons and the explanations that answer those "why" questions we are all so intrigued by when we are young...

    well done 9T ;-)

  3. Dear Marina,
    Your story is like the Maori myths we read that explain how stuff started. It is very cool. We also liked how it had a lot of action and how Madame Zeroni fought back.
    From James and Elijah at Grey Lynn School.

  4. heyy marina!
    this story was mean .(:
    i enjoyed this story alot .
    it was kind of like a fairytale story.keep it up
    by jenevieve

  5. marina that was a cool story sounds like cinderella