Thursday, October 28, 2010

Last sting, by Ation

Long ago, in the rich, fertile land full of flora and fauna that was to be known as the United States of America, honey bees were able to harvest nectar and pollinate without worrying about other creatures coming because they could sting the creatures if they came too close to their territory.

One day, Kukarei, the most ill-tempered bee in the hive, wanted to have some fun while pollinating. He decided to sting any creature that invaded his territory while he pollinated. And so, Kukarei stung every creature that invaded his territory. And so, Kukarei stung every creature that invaded his territory. Kukarei enjoyed watching the creatures gallop away in pain, from elephants and rhinos to peacocks and robins. He would laugh his stinger off. At the end of the day, Kukarei would fly home with a great big grin on his face.

The next day, Kukarei woke up to find all the bees staring at something. He thought the sight must be terrible as some bees broke out in tears. Kukarei got up and rubbed this eyes to find that all the flowers were trampled on. He couldn't believe the sight of the crushed petals. All the bees were talking about who trampled over the flowers. Some said it was the rhinos, some said it was the peacocks. Everyone had their opinion on who was to blame, until one bee cried out loud for all to hear,
"It was Kukarei! He is to blame for this. He stung all the creatures for his enjoyment and now we must pay for his wrong-doings!"
Suddenly, all eyes turned to Kukarei, who hid his face in shame. All the bees were booing him and screaming punishments for Kukarei. Two wasps took Kukarei away from the chaotic crowd and dumped him into the Bees Legacy board room.

Kukarei was sitting in darkness, when a spotlight was  on him, blinding Kukarei temporarily. As soon as Kukarei could see again, he saw many disgruntled faces looking at him.
" Kukarei," one of the bees said, "you have shamed us because of your joke."
The bees murmured about what they would do with Kukarei, when the head of the bees, Tuane, stood up and walked towards him. Kukarei swallowed in fear, knowing that he would do anything to restore the hive to peace. He also knew that Tuane was a wizard, and that he could turn him into a frog or an ugly beast. "Come," said Tuane and Kukarei followed him into a room, closing the door behind him.

Kukarei and Tuane sat on chairs opposite one another. Kukarei broke into a sweat, thinking about what Tuane would do. He was worried about his punishment, and became nervous. Then Tuane got up and spoke, "Kukarei," he said, " it seems you are using your stinger for no reason. Because of this, you shall play the price!" Suddenly, his hands covered Kukarei's ears and he began to chant some unknown language that Kukarei couldn't understand. " I shall cast a curse on you to stop your foolish behaviour," Tuane said in a deep voice, "for if you sting a creature once more, you shall dies instantly." Soon after, Kukarei passed out because of the intense situation. When he woke up, he found himself stranded in the middle of nowhere, not knowing anything that had occurred. 

A few days later while pollinating, Kukarei saw a great big creature standing a few metres away. He wanted to feel the rush of adrenaline, so Kukarei flew towards the creature getting his stinger ready. Kukarei felt something in his body pulling him back, a feeling that he didn't recognise, but he ignored it. He got closer and closer to the creature, with his stinger out, ready to be entertained. Just as his stinger came into contact with the creature's body, Kukarei remembered what Tuane had said. " If you sting a creature once more, you shall die instantly!" echoed in Kukarei's head. Kukarei cried " Oh no, I must stop!" But it was too late. The creature cried out frantically in pain, and Kukarei began to descend quickly. He landed on the ground with a great big thud. His eyes slowly closed, and when they did, Kukarei did not exist in the hive anymore.


  1. Hi Ation,
    This is a beautifully written story, I was very impressed with the language and the voacab you used. Well done! Next time you could make a more explicit link between the story, and why all bees die when they sting creatures.

  2. Hi Ation
    You are certainly one of a creative bunch. I was impressed by the way you were able to weave a story around a scientific fact - this is what myths are made of.
    A thought - sometimes less information means more impact.

    Well done and thanks for sharing your work.

    Mr K