Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Why The Kangaroo Jumps, by Tasha.

Long ago in a land named Australia lived Kangaroo. Kangaroo was a happy and joyful animal. He loved to live his life to the fullest. But Kangaroo didn't know that his life was about to change. This is the story of why Kangaroos jump.

Australia was a nice and green area where animals lived in peace. The days were not too hot or too cold. Kangaroo loved to walk, but soon his feet became very fragile and sensitive. Because of this he couldn't walk on the pathways because there were small rocks hidden there. Instead, kangaroo would walk in the mud, or on the soft green grass. Every animal in Australia was happy except one.

Snake, who didn't like mud or the soft grass was unhappy. Everything about the land make him unhappy. He would always complain about this to the other animals. Snake grew tires of slithering on the mud and grass, and soon called forward the spirits of the sun. He told the spirits to let the hot, bright sun shine down on the the land to dry everything up.

Later that same day, when Kangaroo was walking he felt a pain through his feet. When he looked down, he noticed that there was no grass. When he held his head back up, he felt the sunlight go through his eyes. As soon as the light was out of his eyes, Kangaroo looked around and saw that the land was dry. There was no mud, no lake, no trees and most importantly, no grass. Again, pain shocked through him as well as heat. Kangaroo ran and ran and then jumped. When he landed, he felt a bit better. He jumped some more, and realised the pain was disappearing. Kangaroo discovered it would always be hot all the time, and the only way to stop the pain was to jump all the time. Kangaroo felt very sad because he knew that he could never walk again and be happy.


  1. Hi Tasha,
    How great that your dreamtime story is about Australia, where they originated. Your story made me feel very sorry for the Kangaroo, so you have written it well. Next time you could add some more description of the main character.
    Great work!

  2. Hi Tasha
    I think your Dreamtime story got off to a great start and sounded very like a traditional dreamtime story. I wondered if it maybe needed a little bit more in the middle about why the spirits did what snake wanted when everyone else was happy.

  3. Dear Tasha,
    Wonderful explanation. I've always wondered how the kangaroo jumps and now I know! To make your story better you could work on keeping it always in the past - saying made not make. I felt a little bit sorry for kangaroo since he can't just walk any more, but doing kangaroo jumps is fun!
    From Queenie at GLS.

  4. wow tasha
    that was a great story
    this would be a great childrens book