Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The creation of the animals, by Sam.

Once upon a time, there were five gods that were bored, because they hardly had anything to do. One day, one of the gods came up with an idea. He said “why don’t we make some animals”. So the five of them made an animal and they started playing with the animal. They decided to call the animal a lion, or the king of the jungle. They came up with the lion’s name from the toughness of the animal and also after one of the god’s father who had lived many years before.
The five gods became bored of the lion, so they decided to create some more creatures. Zeus, the leader, made a python, Perseus made a rattlesnake, Poseidon made a bull shark, and last of all Temana made a cheetah. He made this creature because he wanted to race it against the others. Because of this he made the animal the fastest on four feet.
The gods greatly enjoyed their animals, and had fun playing with them every day. One day, Zeus decided to make lots of animals: big ones, small ones, and even dangerous ones. Unfortunately, the day came when these animals started killing humans. The snakes would hide in places, camouflaging themselves, waiting for their prey to go past. It is they who had killed the most humans.
The five gods had a very good time with the animals; they even thought that the humans were getting on well with them. So the gods had their fun with the animals, and they just watched over the animals that had been brought into this new generation.


  1. Hi Sam,
    I really like the originality of your story, it is different from the others in the class. Your incorporation of other mythical Gods was a great idea! Next time you could work on giving more detail about one important thing.
    Great work.

  2. Dear Sam,
    That was a fantastic story you made up. Our favourite characters were the 5 gods and especially the animals. It was sad when the animals started killing humans.
    From Charlotte and Syris.

  3. Hi Sam,
    It's nice to see someone so creative with their dreamtime stories, with the animals and also the Gods that was PRETTY good.