Saturday, October 23, 2010

Why The Tide Follows The Moon, by D.D.Ax

A long time ago there was a place where everyone loved to surf. They loved to ride into the ginormous waves. Every time the moon would come in, the tide would follow. The village people wanted to know why the tide follows the moon. There was a man there called Tomani, he knew the moon spirit. Tomani went and had a long travel to the sacred hill of Heronze. That's where the closest contact to the moon is. There, Tomani went to talk to the moon spirit. 
 He asked the moon spirit, "why does the tide follow you?"
 "I have got the job from God," he replied. "I would have to drag the tide to make order and peace so everyone can canoe, surf, swim and explore."


  1. Hi D.D.Ax
    Great work on your story! I liked the inventive names you gave the people, and the simple explanation. Next time you could make it a little longer, so the audience has time to get hooked!
    Great start.

  2. Dear D.D.Ax,
    I liked reading your story because the people had cool names. I also liked how you used speech marks, commas and question marks. I am learning to do that in my writing.
    From Juanita.

  3. shot d.d! (: you got a solid story . It was very interesting & cool.
    and yeah.

    by marina(:

  4. Great work DDAX your story is great. Like the names you used. Wonderful work. Next time make it longer.

  5. D.D.Ax you scholar!
    Your story was mint and short.
    It was simple and funny cos u like, expected a different answer to the question but yeah it was as cool as me.
    Catchya later.

  6. Nicely done, D.D.Ax. How did you create the names Horanze and Tomani? Anyways, I enjoyed the story. Next time, make the story a bit longer for the audience to enjoy.