Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The legend of the Leagle

Long, long ago when only animals walked the earth’s surface, there lived a very strange animal. It was different to all other animals around the world. It could fly, run very fast, it was extremely muscular, and had teeth bigger than a sabre tooth’s. It was called a leagle. Although its features sound very aggressive, this animal in fact was very kind and generous to other animals.  It lived in a cave on the beautiful island of Niue.
A little north of this beautiful island lay a dark and isolated island. No land animals, no sea animals, no nothing. Just one cave surrounded by bones of dead animals. This island was Kiribati. Inside the lonely cave lay a cruel and selfish animal. It was the most feared creature in the whole world. T was the Chrino. Once a week this creature would swim around the world and bully all the other animals. He would tell them to give him food, and come about the same time the next week to collect the food for himself. If they didn’t have what he wanted, he ate them! Leagle did not know about this nonsense until one day, a bird came past calling for help. Leagle heard his call and reacted quickly to his yell for help. The bird told leagle what the chrino had done, killing his brother because he had refused to give Chrino food. Soon after, leagle and chrino had a fight and leagle won.


  1. Cool story about the Leagle. I was really getting into it and waiting for a dramatic scene at the end!
    I am glad the Leagle won, but would have liked to see that scene play out.
    Thanks for sharing your work.
    Mrs Burt

  2. Wow...
    I love how you came up with the leagle. IIt made me think that maybe they are actually creatures, with teeth bigger than a sabre tooths! I wanted to hear more about the fight!
    From Arlo at GLS

  3. Dear Jamel

    This story was thorough and informative.
    If i was a publisher i would have published this story as soon as you started writing this story or even before you started thinking about writing this.

    Daniel ...

  4. wow jamel
    this is the best story ive ever read in my life
    niue hard man!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    and shot kiribati for trying
    this should be a movie
    but it couild be a little longer
    great work

    yours sincerly
    greg murrae
    (australian editor)