Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Why it rarely rains in Australia, by Pemita

Long ago there lived a beautiful lady named Jaselle. She was so beautiful that almost all them men swooned over her. When it was time for her to choose a husband, Jaselle could not choose. She decided it was best to not choose a husband in order to keep people from arguing. But she couldn't have been more wrong. Quarrels were being spread throughout Dreamland. Eligible bachelors were trying to prove their love to her by killing other men and catching the biggest cows.
Jaselle went to one of the elders and asked them to help her. They told her to pray to the gods. So she did. She prayed for all the fighting to stop. A miraculous thing happened. But it wasn't what Jaselle wanted.
The gods had taken all the men who were involved and put in separate places in the heavens above. There they lived in peace looking down on their beloved Jaselle living freely.
The men soon began to realise how happy they were when they were not fighting amongst each other. This pleasure began to increase so much that their moods would affect the weather. But, not very often they would dwell on the memory of losing Jaselle and start to weep, causing rain for the humans below. But, as I stated this did not happen very often.
Soon the memory was forgotten, and it meant there was a large amount of sunshine for the people of Australia.
So that is why it hardly ever rains.


  1. Hi Pemita,
    Well done on writing such a beautiful story. I liked the way you developed the character Jaselle. Your explanation of why it rarely rains is very interesting! Next time, you could work on the length of your writing.
    Nice work!

  2. Hi Pemita
    I have to say that since it has been raining off and on all week in Brisbane I did think maybe your story might of reminded them about Jaselle after all!

    It is a clever idea for a Dreamtime story though :)

  3. Dear Pemita,
    We like how you started your story with Long Ago, because it made it interesting and told us that your story was set in the past. We like how your story explained something.
    From James and Elijah.

  4. Kia Ora Pemita Maselino,
    Your story was just sooo cool. It made me want to read more. I cant wait for your next story and I hope it is as funky as this story. Keep up the awesome work girl, your amazing! yeeah booy
    from Sandra Tauti Sefo. !

  5. heey mita i liked your story so much.
    your so creative!(; keep it up
    by jenevieve