Friday, October 29, 2010

King Cta, by Sukhmit.

"Long long ago, before the creation of mankind, well probably after, there were many creatures that ruled the world where we live now. These creatures were tremendously strong and quick. Many have tried to succeed and take up this role but have failed. Many believe that you need to be strong and fast to take up a role of being king of the Animal World but you also need something else.”  Spoke Bella Coola the legendary Crow. “What do you need?” wondered Cta the cat. “That’s something you to find out.”
Cta wasn’t the strongest or the fastest animal. He wasn’t like his friends and family.  But he always had a dream of being king of the Animal World. His family would laugh at him. “You the king of the Animal World, seriously you being the king” laughed his family. But Cta needn’t care about what his family thought about him, he was determined that he could be the next king. When the previous king stepped down, he knew that it was his chance.
Cta knew that it was a tough challenge to win the crown however his courage and integrity pushed him further and gave him a chance. Opportunity like this always has his competitors. These competitors weren’t any losers but three of the world’s strongest, fastest as well as one of the most brutal beasts on earth, winning the crown weren’t an easy job. Cta travelled to Europe where the crown gets awarded.  It took several days to reach his destination. Cta also took Bella Coola with him as he thought that he might be able to help him as he thought that he was the only one who believed him.
The fellow competitors also had arrived. Just looking at them made Cta think may be this was a dumb idea to even come here. However Cta thought about what Bella Coola told him earlier. To win the crown there was only one challenge. The Arena of Doom, a course designed to players that have courage, agility, strength, defence and hope. Finish the course fastest and take home the crown. It was simple dodge the obstacles, defend and fight your opponents to finish first.
The players could start when ever. The Lion was the strongest and thought he will easily beat the others and poured his into the course. Seconds later he was smashed and knocked out cold. Already one was gone. Eagle flew straight into the arena and just behind him was Cta, both trying so hard and all of the sudden Eagle had got his wing struck on one of the obstacles. The pain was too much for Eagle and was also gone. Leaving only two players in the arena. Crane had a bad start but managed to catch up to Cta. They were neck to neck until they desperately stopped. The crown was hundreds of metres down. Just a jump and Cta could get the crown. Crane and Cta both jumped and as they got closer to the ground Crane had stuffed the jump and leaving it only up to Cta. Cta desperately tried to land it and did it successfully. It was enough to win the crown.
Cta had denied the odds and become the new king. Bella Coola knew it from the start that Cta would win. Cta wasn’t the strongest or fastest but had hope and fulfilled his dream of being king of the Animal World. King Cta. 

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  1. Hi Sukhmit,
    This was a very well written dreamtime story. It is very imaginative and interesting. Next time you could work on getting the electronic copy to me quicker!
    Great job.
    Miss Burt