Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The creation of the stars and clouds, by Courtney.

One day, long long ago before humanity or even life existed, there were two planets that were far too close together in the universe, and every day they became closer together. They knew that one day they would clash, and they would have to fight for their spot in the universe, third planet from the sun. The two planets were named Earth and Clatania.
Finally, about five million years before humans arrived, the epic battle between the planets began. In the end, Earth won and took it's rightful place, third from the sun.
After Clatania was destroyed, pieces of the planet were scattered all over the universe. Some in the form of what humans now call stars, and some pieces were trapped inside planet Earth as clouds. The clouds were very unhappy, and began to cry. This caused plants and seas to grow on Earth. The stars shined as bright as they could, calling to the clouds, and the clouds floated up as high as they could to communicate with the stars, but they could not escape Planet Earth.
So these days, the clouds wander aimlessly in the sky, hoping to one day be reunited with the stars that shine brightly for them. So that they can once again join together and have Planet Clatania reborn. Then the planet would take vengeance on Earth.


  1. Hi Courtney,
    I find your dreamtime story very creative and imaginative. I am impressed you fit the creation of two things into one story. Next time, you could work on the speed of your writing.
    Great work!

  2. Dear Courtney,
    I like how you told us about the two planets and how they fought. I would have liked to hear how they fought. Did they throw rocks or lightning? I feel sorry for the clouds.
    From Charlotte.

  3. My goshness Courtney !
    Your story is totally epic dude! I liked it just the way it is. The thing about the clouds and the stars, like, I totally get it now why the clouds are so high and the stars and all that type of things. Overall, It was smoking!

  4. hello Courtney ,
    i found your story really amazing
    it makes alot of sense now why the clouds are so high up in the sky ...
    kepp up the good work


  5. wow courtney, that is a wack story, sooo cool & funky. I love the ending because it is totally awesome! I hope there is another version of this story, i want more! ha. sweet, your the man courtney!
    from L.J.