Sunday, October 24, 2010

How People Were Created, by Joel.

A long long long long long long long long time ago when people did not exist, there were lots of different animals everywhere. Some big, some very big, and others small. There were blue creatures almost like us, and they were called avatars.
They did not speak English, and one boy avatar was different. He wanted to see what there was beyond the mountains where they lived. He has friends, but they weren't avatars. His friends were a t-rex, branchiosaurus and a turtle with a lion head.
The elders of their clan said "if you leave you will no longer be a part of our tribe." However, the boy and another girl from his clan left, and were banned for forever and eternity.
So the boy avatar, girl avatar, the t-rex, branchiosaurus and the turtle with a lion head went off to discover the world. After a while, along came an owl who told them never to eat an apple from the golden tree. The avatars and their friends promised to obey this rule.
Later on that day, a snake went to the girl avatar and told her to eat an apple from the tree. Even though the owl told her not to, she agreed after some convincing. Because both the avatars ate from the tree they knew they shouldn't, the owl cursed them, and that was when they were turned into humans as their punishment.


  1. Hi Joel,
    I found the friends of the boy avatar to be very unique. Great use of your imagination! If you had more time, I would like to see this explained more, because it is a very good story.

  2. Dear Joel,
    That was a very good story. I liked the bit where the owl curse them because you should always listen to owls.
    From Jack at GLS.

  3. Nice work joel that was the only work that i liked