Saturday, October 23, 2010

Why The Kiwi Cannot Fly, by Te Ao

Once there was a God called Tanemahuta. He had seen that his children were being eaten by insects, so he gathered all the birds together. He asked pukeko to go down and stop the insects from eating the trees. But then pukeko said that he didn't want to get his feet dirty. Tane replied " you won't be able to keep your feet clean for long then!"
So Tanemahuta asked tui to go down and get the insects to stop eating the trees. But tui replied, " I can't I am scared of the dark". Tanemahuta told tui that when he was finished with him, he would no longer be scared of the dark again.
Tane asked kiwi if he could go and look after his children the trees. Kiwi agreed to, even though he was told that would mean he would never be able to fly again. This was because he would from then on be stuck on the ground saving the trees from insects. That is how the kiwi lost his wings.
Because the tui and pukeko refused to help Tane, they were punished. The tui was not able to go out at night anymore, and the pukeko was made to run on the ground.


  1. Hi Te Ao,
    Nice effort on your dreatime writing. Your explanation was interesting and informative. Next time you could work on writing it alone.
    Great start!

  2. Dear Te Ao,
    I like how you used a real god Tanemahuta in your story. It made it seem more real. It was very nice how the kiwi gave up his wings to look after the trees. It was a good explanation.
    From Isobel GLS.