Saturday, October 23, 2010

How The Flowers Were Formed, by Shinal

Once there was a rude, mean lady who only thought about herself. She was hated by all. She hated everything and anything around her. Once there was no rain for days, and all her plantations and crops were ruined. She didn't have any food to eat nor water to live. She went to the village to ask for some food, but everyone rejected her. So she cursed the villagers that they would suffer. Days went by and she sat on the mountain side and cried. By the end of the year, the whole village was flooded with her tears As days went by, the water dried and some coloured things began to reach out of the ground. It was flowers, and soon that land became a field of flowers. The flowers were the villagers who died.
The lady lived alone her whole life, and died a horrible death. 


  1. Hi Shinal,
    Well done on writing such a beautiful story. I was impressed with how quickly you wrote this story, and your illustrations. I think flowers were a great choice to write about. Next time you could think about making the story longer so you can explain things in more detail.
    Really great work!

  2. Dear Shinal,
    We liked reading your explanation about how flowers were formed. We are glad that the woman got some flowers because otherwise she would have had the most horrible life.
    From Kate and Jack at Grey Lynn School.

  3. Wow. That story was amazing! I like the way you show your creativity through story writing. KEEP ON KEPPING ON.

  4. It's David commenting. I find the concept of this story to be entertaining and Ih ave to say that this story is great.

    However, I see a lack of detail in some areas. I felt the introduction could use more length.

    Nice story. :D