Saturday, October 23, 2010

How Lakes Were Formed, by Lysandra.

A long, long time ago, in a world where no animals or humans existed, there once lived a group of powerful Gods who were making new sources of life. There was only one girl who was a God, and her name was Dakota. She was an evil God who wanted to destroy everything. Dakota used her powers for bad, and was a very greedy God. She was unique from the other Gods because she had blue blood One day, Dakota hypnotised the eldest God, Zombina, making him do bad things. The strongest God, Todeci, captured Dakota and decided to punish her by keeping her in a power-proof cage forever. Dakota spent twenty-six years in the cage. Later, the Gods decided to let her go because they thought she had changed. However, one day Dakota killed an innocent God. All the Gods were mad, so they decided to put a curse on her. But when they did, Dakota's body melted,leaving her blood to flow to a nearby ditch. Her blood was blue and shiny. The eldest God drank it, and it made him feel good. Because of this he decided to use his powers to make more ditches with Dakota's blood in it, making water for all the Gods to drink.
This is how lakes were formed.


  1. Hi Lysandra,
    You have great story telling skills, and I enjoyed reading this. Your imagination makes the explanation really different to a scientific one!
    Next time you could extend your writing to develop the ideas more.
    Nice work!

  2. Dear Lysandra,
    That was an awesome explanation about the gods and how lakes were formed. We especially liked the bit where Dakota got cursed and melted. We really liked it!
    From Madeleine and Matalena.

  3. Yo LJ!
    your story was funny as and very creative. But you should like explain how she killed the dude or something like that and also, did she like plan it when she melted? cos that was confusing but dude you got some talent! I also liked the names of the gods. Totally grawesome!

  4. Dear Lysandra,
    I liked your dreamtime story , its nice.
    I like the ending bit when the elder cursed the God and she became something so sweet the bitterness is gone..
    Good :D

  5. that was totally awesome