Thursday, October 28, 2010

How clouds were formed, by Taufa.

A very long time ago in a land called Africa, a lovely family called the Soonchans lived there. One beautiful, sunny day Camlamous and Ubradas were cleaning their little hut. Mr and Mrs Soonchans were learning to gather up food for winter was almost coming. They told the boys to behave because they might be one to two days. The boys were cleaning really fast so they had plenty of time to relax. They ran to their secret place which is high up in the trees. They can see everything and anything up there.

When they got to their secret place it was so bright they couldn't see anything except plain blue skies and sparkly stars spinning around their big heads. Ubradas was so bored he really wanted to do something amazing. He stared at the sky (which was burning his eyes) thinking of something to do. Calamous and Ubradas were talking for a while, having a brotherly conversation and enjoying the sunshine. They didn't even notice it was getting pretty dark.

Suddenly a bunch of fat men came huffing and puffing with their fire torches and weapons. They looked really tired and camped right under the boy's secret place. Calamous and Ubradas couldn't go down the tree because the fat, vicious men might gobble them up! The men lit up a fire and were burning marshmallows. The boys just stared at them, hoping they would leave so they would be able to go home. The fat men eventually fell asleep, but so did the boys. One of the men starting burping really loudly, which woke the boys up. They were amazed because there was a BIG PUFFY PILLOW FLUFF floating towards the sky. The man kept on burping and the boys created all  different kinds of shapes, which floated up into the sky.
The higher it went, the bigger it got.

Suddenly, all of the men were burping nonstop, and the boys were enjoying creating shapes. The men woke up and were amazed, for there were BIG PUFFY PILLOW FLUFFS everywhere in the sky of all different shapes and sizes. They didn't know a thing, so they just ignored it and left. The boys wrote their names of the last pair of pillow fluffs and off they went back home.

When they got home they started cooking just in case Mr and Mrs Soonchans would come home early. When they finished and everything was prepared they looked up at the sky and saw what they did and they were so excited to show their parents. Then a fluff floated across with the remaining letters from their names, which were C L O U D S. So that is how the first clouds were formed and how they got their name.

Camlamous and Ubradas


  1. Hi Taufa,
    I think your dreamtime story is very creative and imaginative. I loved the ending, where the letters left from their names spelt the word cloud. Next time, you could work on using joining words to make your sentences fit together nicely.
    Great job!

  2. To Taufa,
    I like your explanation of how the clouds were formed. It was funny how the big fat men burped to make the clouds. How did you come up with that idea?
    From Matalena at Grey Lynn School

  3. To Taufa,
    I really liked your idea of the clouds it is cool.

  4. Hi Taufa, this is David. You story was amusing. I found it funny thinking how clouds could originate from the burps of some fat men.

    I can't really think of anything to suggest.. Perhaps some more detail? Or an explanation for where those men came from?

    Camlamous? Ubradas?

  5. wowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowow.
    Taufa that was absolutly great. I liked the part where the word clouds was in it, and the people who were suspisiously named.
    Absolutly great.

    Our names will always be
    Tasha and Yeomans
    unless we go under witness protection, or have our names changed.

  6. Good day Taufa
    I thought your story was very funny and imaginative. The whole "burping BIG PUFFY PILLOW FLUFFS" is possibly the strangest thing I've read in a long time.
    Perhaps next time you could describe the characters more...?

    Ta Ta